Happy Hippo

We're a group of artisans crafting beautiful bath and skincare products - and have been since 2006!

We began in a home in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, making tub-friendly products that are safe for our kids and fun to use.

Word spread about our fun, quality bath products and we slowly grew, adding on more artisans and selling at craft shows and seasonal holiday stores in malls across Canada.

By 2012 we became a regular white label/private manufacturer for some of the biggest names in bath and body care in Canada and expanded our operations to be full-sized manufacturer of bath and skincare products.

In 2019 we decided to focus on only making Happy Hippo products and using our expertise to expand our products to offer more than just bath bombs, salts and scrubs.

Now we only craft products that bring us happiness when we use them - and we hope they can bring you happiness to.

Wishing you all happiness in the world,


Lead Product Designer

why we love
our products

We make our bath and skincare products from scratch every day.

We're obsessed with Quality. Every ingredient we use is carefully sourced and selected to get the highest quality ingredients possible so we can craft the highest quality bath and skin care we possibly can.

Keeping our products tub-friendly and as natural as possible is also an obsession. That's why all of our products are at least 98% Natural and all our bath products are tub-friendly - which means you more time for relaxing and less time for clean up.

At Happy Hippo we love Natural and Fun,

that's why all of our products are at least 98% Natural.

We make our products from scratch, ourselves.

When you chat with us and ask about our products we know the answers - because we made them.

Every single thing we make is cruelty free.

Our products are tested on owners, not animals.

We hate messy, dirty tubs!

That's why we don't make things that are hard to clean up.

Post bath rituals should be relaxing - not full of cleaning.

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