Products & Ingredients

Absolutely! Our bath bombs are crafted using ingredients that pose no harm to our waterways.

All of our products gluten free.

We only use food safe, batch certified FD&C colours, and Mica in our products to obtain our fun, vibrant colors!

No, it’s not unsafe if your little ones drinks a little bit of the water! My kids drink bath water all the time. That’s why we make sure to keep our ingredients food safe.

We recommend to those who are prone to UTIs to put the products in the bathtub before entering it, and then allowing them to fizz. This allows the PH levels of the bath water to balance.

Our bath bombs are safe to use for children ages two and up.

Our bath bombs are designed to be gentle on your skin, but we advise against using them on broken or irritated skin. Please be aware that reactions to scent blends and essential oils may occur, so it's essential to determine what works best for your skin.

Most of our products are tree nut free. Our Lotions and Popsicle bath bombs contains Shea and Cocoa Butters.

If you have questions about using particular products during pregnancy, we recommend that you reach out to your primary care pro

Our blooming bath soak contain skin nourishing Colloidal Oatmeal. Colloidal oatmeal binds to your skin and locks in moisture, giving your skin a chance to rehydrate. It also softens your skin and soothes itching. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it great for people who have dry skin, because it helps balance your skin's natural pH levels.

We didn't test for use in jet tubs and jacuzzis, so we would recommend checking with the unit's manufacturer to see if they discourage people from adding products like bath bombs to the water. 

Our Mini Bath Bombs are packaged by weight. Each cube weights approx 1 gram, therefore the number of cubes will vary based on weight.


We use Natural fragrance, essential oils, and safe synthetics.

Currently, our only fragrance free product is our amazing Kaleidoscope mini bath bombs.

This is a tough question to answer as there is no standard answer. We have many customers who have eczema, as well as their children who can use our products with no issue. With that being said, what is ok with one person, may not be ok for another. The great thing about or mini bath bombs is that each cube is small enough to slowly test the waters with your Childs sensitivity :)

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Unfortunately no. Only one can be used at a time.

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Absolutely! If you are local to Red Deer, or passing through, we can arrange a pick any times during our Business hours.

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In order for your order to qualify for free shipping, your subtotal, before tax and after any discount codes, must be over $65. If your order is close to $65, and you use a code, it will drop you below the qualifying amount.

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